Nubra, beautiful beyond imagination

About 150kms north of Leh, where the rivers Shyok and Siachan meet, lies the beautiful Nubra Valley. Also known as Ldumra (valley of flowers), the valley captivates your soul through its beautiful monasteries coloured with rich shades of golden, red and others.

Home to the highest desert in the world (Hunder), experience the beautiful scenic beauty and bactrian camel rides in Nubra Valley which is a gem beyond the reach of chaos, bestowed with stark tranquility.

The Earth Homes


  • Luxurious and Elegant

    Thirteen well conceptualised mud brick cottages where each corner beholds luxury and, surroundings offer you a sense of being lost in nature. Each cottage has been circumspectly designed to give add an inimitable style and sensibility.

  • Living by the Nature

    Blissful mornings and peaceful nights as you live next to Himalayas on your holiday, giving you the much needed alone time away from the city bustle. Sip a cup of coffee or just step out and enjoy the beautiful view as cottages are surrounded by the Karakoram Ranges.

  • Comfort and Relaxation

    Each cottage presents itself with outstanding volumes of comfort and relaxation, ensuring the most unforgettable hospitality experience in Nubra Valley. We take utmost care of guests living with us and ensure they have an experience of a lifetime


At Mystique Meadows, we take pleasure to allow us guests dive in true local hospitality, be it our local cuisine or the culture we are a part of. Ranging from our multi-cuisine restaurant to our local folk and dance to bonfire evenings, we ensure to give you a real taste of the Ladakhi hospitality.



All cottages are equipped with private television sets with cable connection

Car park

There is ample space to park for guests commuting with their personal cars

Satellite TV

All cottages are equipped with private television sets with cable connectionp>


Enjoy your meals at our special roof-top seating area surrounded by Karakoram Range


Subject to weather conditions and network availability




In the midst of Karakoram Range, lies the stunning silver sand dunes of Nubra,which leaves a lot to explore beyond the regular side of Ladakh

Travel to the beautiful Nubra Valley that is surrounded by locations that would change your perspective of Ladakh. Soulful monasteries, bactrian camel safaris and sky-scrapping mountains views will together weave an experience that would outcast the traveller in you.

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